Friday, 30 October 2009

First test miniature painted

Presenting my first ever painted Imagi-historic figure.

Here he stands in all his glory. As you can see, the uniform is almost as designed in my scrapbook. Keeping with the story, the first unit - the Hasselse Garde- of the DDU received their  uniforms from the Prussians as military aid. To save money it was decided to just dye the clothes in other colours and use the rest of the equipment and fittings as received, except for some local made trappings. This seemed to work very well.

It took me about an hour to paint this figure. Now I have to figure out how I can rationalize the painting proces to get the same effect, but quicker and using batch painting. I was thinking of using layered painting instead of washes. Maybe the contrast (i.e. the washes) might be a bit darker too.

The pictures could be better, but being impatient I didn't bother to organise a well lit studio setup and just took a couple of pictures using my house, kitchen and garden camera. The little fellow is a Minden Miniatures casting.

Also, just a quick reminder to everyone:
on Saturday, 7th November, CRISIS 2009,  the largest wargame happening in Belgium, is being held in Antwerp. I'll be there...if I can find a couple of old ladies to rob of their money...have to go for a late night walk...

I guess next posting will be the whole unit...patience is a virtue, or so I was told. Please feel free to comment. If you think the painting is not that good...please don't comment. ( and if I don't get any comments I'll never, ever paint a single figure again)

Happy Gaming



  1. Excellent work Pjotr and a very smart uniform.

  2. Carew might be mad, but he's not wrong. The paint job is very good.

    My personal style of painting is much less detailed (which is why my figures don't look all that impressive up close), which to me looks fine at "wargaming distances".

    One problem with the Minden figures and my style is that the Minden's have such lovely detail that they demand a more careful paint job (such as yours) than I have patience for.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more photos of your troops.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thank you for the kind comments. This means I have to go on painting now...forever and ever.


  4. I wish that in my time I had be able to paint 10% as well as you!
    Then, if I may... the 'buff' gaiters give a 'light infantry'; for me I rather dislike black ones -they 'darken' the unit seen 'en masse', dim its colors and make it look... dull / sad. What about *white* ones, specially for a Garde regiment?

  5. I agree, very nice work!
    He does look like he could be light infantry. I think black gaiters work for some troops. For example, artillerymen, infantry with dark uniforms, or for contrast with light uniforms.
    That being siad, it's your ImagiNation - you're the expert on how they do things there. :)

  6. Hello Peter,

    Agreed! He's very handsome and makes me want to hurry onto to a unit of green-coated grenadiers. Thank you very much for the fun e-card too. Hoops and Yoyo are our favorites. How dd you guess? ;-)

    Best Regards,