Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pjotr Nyudrev, a hero...hunting wild beasts in the Ardennes

I'm back from from exercise and had a great time. The weather was just perfect. The countryside was great and the food was fine. Almost sounds like I was on holiday. Yes, we even had a "real" working toilet.
During a lull in the action, near the end of the exercise, I found myself in Spa, close to the village of La Gleize. There, at the site of Joachim Peipers last stand and subsequent retreat you can find a fine little museum dedicated to the fighting in the La Gleize and Stoumont area in december 1944.
I took the opportunity and convinced my driver (well, ordered him) to go on a little recce with me. Unfortunately the museum was guarded by a King Tiger tank. Heroic action was called for and a die throw of double six knocked the beast out.

Pjotr Nyudrev, posing in front of the Tiger II, aka King Tiger, he had
just knocked out in single handed combat in the village of La Gleize.

Next postings will probably show the first WIP pics of the Hasselse Garde Grenadiers and my own old version of trees as described in the latest Battlegames. I think my woods are cooler. Maybe I might even consider asking money for using my design, ...where is that patent certificate?

Happy Gaming



  1. Nice picture Pjotr...
    I remembered when I was younger and fighting bare-handed big game like leopard, bison & rhinoceros, they always ended lying upside down, begging for mercy… Often wasn’t a pretty sight…
    That cannot be said from this Tiger II, who looks still in pretty good health… What did you do to him? Told him a mortal joke? Bored him to death??? Please tell us your secret weapon, because it seems to be very efficient, yet clean???

    Keep up the good works

    LCL von Mundy

  2. Great pic!
    I finally got a SAVA A/C kit btw - one day I'll build it - still looking for a 1/72 Minerva.