Monday, 23 November 2009

Blogging problems

About my blogging: help needed...

Well maybe not the first but certainly the most obvious problem I encountered was the mraculous change of font type a couple of posts ago. I wasn't expecting that to happen. Anyway, I tried editing the post using default settings. But as you can see...still the wrong font.

Another problem, even more strange is my, do you call it avatar? You know, the little picture that shows when you post a comment on someones blog or when you subscribe as a follower. At first all was good: whenever I communicated it showed a nice little face. But then, later on, for some other strange reason, it started showing the middle part of the picture. Now I know some people would be interested in that, but I don't think you can find those in the wargaming community, can you...Sometimes, I get the whole picture next to a comment...much less offensive, but not as it should be. Bother...

And last of all...I subscribed myself as follower to several of the splendid blogs on wargaming. I'm sorry if your blog doesn't show on the left of the picture, but I really don't know why. The initial batch of blogs I follow show up...the ones I added later on don't. Again I sit here staring at the screen, head cocked ever so slightly, a little dribble of saliva oozing from the left corner of my mouth, trying to think of a solution, but finding my mind going blank in a Homer Simpson kind of a way.

The saliva bit I added for fun, should you wonder...wouldn't want to short circuit the keyboard...

Next weekend, when the camera is back, I'll post another pic of the Hasselse Garde, which are coming along nicely. No really,  I promise.

Happy gaming


  1. Sorry, I have no idea how to help you with your blogging problems. I haven't run into any of those issues myself. I hope you can get it sorted out soon!
    Looking forward to the pics :)

  2. Sorry, I can only sympathize, which is not really helpful!
    I had formatting issues, bu they were due to excessive clumsy re-editing of the same post. My 'avatar' *sometimes* fails to appear next to a comment I posted, but seemingly at random...
    Did you try to read your blog from another computer? Using another navigator? I use Firefox, which has a good repute among bloggers.

  3. True to form, you gentlemen are back. This time maybe not with a solution, but at least with moral support. Thanks chaps.

    OH LOOK, it's the middle part of me again.


  4. Pjotr
    I can't remember having the same problems as you, though Blogger can act strangely now and then; you may have the chance to edit your avatar if you go into "edit photo". Good luck!

    If I may ask, are you a French or Flemish speaker, or both??

  5. Thanks for the tip, Mad.
    I'm Flemish. Which means Dutch is my main language (Flemish being a general dialect).But french is my second language, of course. Followed by English and then some German. (Should I consider American english a different language?).
    I make do, languages were never my favourite thing at school.


  6. Your English is excellent - I know a little French though no Dutch. There are some very good Belgian wargames sites and its so good that they're in English too!

  7. Mad, we aim to please. That's probably why Belgium is the most fought over piece of land in history.
    This morning your 1914 project came to mind as I was standing in front of the cabinet with the 1870-1914'ish 1ste Jagers te Paard( you know, Chasseurs a Cheval)uniform. You can see a similar one on the left of my Blog beneath "About Me". Actually, the chap in the pictuer lookes a bit like me, when I still had my moustache.


  8. Peter, have the same problems as you and don't know either. s maybe a Dutch BElgium problem?

  9. OK Mad, that didn't picture at all now...cheers mate. Oh, no , wait, yes, "middle me" is back.
    Jan, yes, allready people are conspiring against the DDU. Little do they now that in my future-fantasy imagination,the DDU will rule the world...revenge will be his Greatest great Greatness "Slokop Nyudrev". No saboteur will be spared. They will all be sent to work in the chocolate factories.

    (why do I write all this nonsence?)

  10. I am fairly new to blogging myself (Gathering of Hosts- about my Ancient Persians) The self changing font is a mystery but not a surprise (peraps a feature of the Template you have chosen?)
    As far as showing blogs that you follow, I have found that if I follow a new blog then I have to go back to Settings and edit My Blog List and hit add then select Blogs I am following and it gives me a list showing which ones that I am following are included and which are not.

    I have just been reading back posts and on the topic of painting styles, after 30+ years of shading & highlighting, I have been experimenting with glossy block colours. At first it was painful mentally, it just didn't feel right, I also found it difficult & slow to achieve a good look but when I did, the result was very pretty, Choosing the right colours seems important as well as neatness but I am greatly enjoying them now (while keeping a few shaded projects, just to keep my hand in).

    An enjoyable blog.

  11. Ross,

    thanks for the blogging tip. I'll try it out.
    I've already visited your blog a while back and I should be a "follower".
    I'm very interested in the way you'll resurect (is that a good word?) your armies.
    It certainly is giving me plenty food for thought concerning my ancients project. I've allready decided to start with the Tony Bath rules from Featherstones "War Games". Last weak I treated myself for my birthday with Bath's Ancient Wargaming edited by John Curry. This book not only includes campaign rules, but also a later version of the Ancient rules called Peltast and Pila (or something to that effect).
    As for models I'm still aiming for 1/72 plastic, maybe enhaced with a few metals.
    I don't think I'll ever paint gloss. But I'm convinced that two coats of gloss varnish (Johnson's Clear) will give the same effect.
    Drop in again...soon...


  12. Resurect is a good word for it Pjotr. I like my my old 25's, not only for the figures or their history but they are neither too big to find one friend's 1/72 plastic nor too small to face up to 28mm enemies! My very 1st ancients were Airfix and I still have a fondness for 1/72 plastic and occasionally indulge. How I would have loved the selection and quality that is avaiulable today!
    Also I may have unintentionally misled you, I do not use gloss paints, just cheap craft acrylics with either gloss or matte varnish on top.

    cheers, Ross

  13. Ross,
    seems your instructions on 'following" were correct. Thank you for that.
    Still have to solve the "middle me" enigma...