Sunday, 1 November 2009

First DDU victim

During the fitting of the new Hasselse Garde uniforms, a soldier was kidnapped -or rather catnapped- and subsequently eaten by a dog.
The animals were hunted down and were about to be executed, but Kolonel Kevinovitch stepped in saved their lives by imprisoning them as he recognised the vile beasts as belonging to his mother.
Soldaat Vanpimperzele will be sadly missed amongst his friends and colleagues.


Happy gaming


  1. R.I.P.!
    While a soldier's life is expected to be 'tough and not free from actual dangers', the loss during basing training of a recruit who have not even received his full uniform is distressing indeed.
    Then I wish and hope this sacrilegious ingestion had no really harmful consequences (intestinal perforation or anything equally serious) for the minimilitivorous canid.

  2. minimilitivorous...that's a good one.
    I wish I could think of words like that.
    The dog is doing just fine. We were able to retrieve the body of the poor victim before complete digestion. I just hope that it won't become an acquired taste.


  3. Wargame miniatures are addictive, alas, as you and me know so well...
    Is the poor victim recoverable, even if only as a respected invalid like Andersen's Steadfast Tin Soldier?

  4. With a lovable face like that, no jury would convict! ;)