Sunday, 1 November 2009

New gaiters for the Hasselse Garde

 The Citizen-Regent of the DDU, Leopold van Loon, inspected the uniform of the Hasselse Garde today...

The poor soldier had been waiting in a small room inside of the residence of Leopold van Loon. Finally the door opened and he was ushered into the regents office by his commanding officer, Kevinovich Nyudrev.
-Sir, I present you the uniform of the Hasselse Garde.
The regent got up from behind his desk and inspected the soldier, standing uncomfortably to attention in his brand new uniform.
-I like it, kolonel Nyudrev, but...
Kevinovich raised his eyebrows. Leopold walked to a cabinet and started browsing some books. He beckoned Kolonel Nyudrev to his desk as he opened a book. He pointed to a picture of a soldier.
-This is the problem, the regent said.
-This book was presented to me. It shows all known uniforms of soldiers today. It was made by a man named Knötel. As you can see, Kevin (as Kevinovich was afectionately known by his peers), buff gaiters are worn by light infantry. I don't want my first guard regiment to be mistaken for light infantry.
Kevinovich looked at the picture and turned his gaze to the now sweating soldier.
-Sir, with the funds I was given to raise the unit, in the end we didn't have enough gold to pay but for plain buff gaiters.
The citizen-regent looked intently at Nuydrev, a smile coming to his face.
-Well, my dear kolonel, seems my gift to the Hasselse Garde will be new gaiters...white ones I think...yes, white should do it. Make it happen, kolonel Nyudrev. You can arrange the payment with my finance minister.

I big thank you to abdul666 and Fitz-Badger for their advice. It's always good to be able to count on the experience of others and it's very gentleman like of them for sharing their knowledge. I've also darkened the shadowing a bit. Well, my first Olley point has been earned.

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  1. Ah, yes, looking very smart in his new white gaiters! :)