Friday, 13 November 2009

Painting progress

Looking at my last posting I noticed that for some strange reason the font was changed. Strange indeed...
Anyway, I spent another hour painting this evening. Buff on the haversacks and the belt. Shadowing on the orange and flesh. I'll post another WIP picture tomorrow. I find the shadowing suddenly brought the minis to life. Excellent stuff. Next I'll start on all the fiddly bits and then general touching up.
I'll try and twist my cousins arm in an uncomfortable position to have him take some pics of the finished unit. He has a real camera that doesn't take blurry, yellowish photographs unless you tell it to do so.
So,  dearest Cozzen, if you are reading this...
I'll finish the miniatures with two layers of gloss Pledge Future Shine to protect them during handling. Maybe at a later stage a matt coating on top of that.
SWMBO laughed at me...she thought it funny that the posting with a picture of my minimilitivorous dog received more comments than the one with a picture of my WIP. Sad really...
Oh look, the old font type is back, it's a miracle.

Happy gaming


  1. I have never seen the "font change" before...can you blame the dog for that?


  2. Matt,

    of course I can blame the dog for that. I saw him sitting at the computer last weekend and now I'm conviced he has been sabotaging the Chronicles. I bet you the cat put him up to it. Two handfulls of mischief they are. I'll never play a wargame with those two...unreliable little four legged "ç"§'(!è§". Man's friend indeed.
    They even sabotaged my picture. Instead of a face you get that little snippet you see in the left upper corner of my comment. That can't be right, can it?


  3. I agree completely with keeping the painting style simple. I've seen pictures of some magnificently painted wargame figures recently which made me think: that's just over the top for wargaming.
    Obviously if you enjoy painting and are good at it, you will want to produce something special. But I don't think we all necessarily have to aspire to the the highest standards. In fact, I prefer a simpler toy-soldier look for wargaming. Painting the eyeballs on 15mm figures (or 30mm ones for that matter) is just plain daft, if you ask me!

  4. Keith,

    thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I agree, don't paint what you can't see.
    Maybe just now and then, on a special "character" or a unit of note I can let myself go.
    On the other hand, with basic neat painting, one can allways, even in a few years time , pick up the minis and enhance them.