Wednesday, 11 November 2009

WIP, The Blasthof Blog, Ancients and Armistice

Today a WIP report on the Hasselse Garde, followed by my thoughts on “The Blasthof Blog”. Next my ancients project slowly takes shape. And ending with a thought on armistice day.

Painting progress
I really wasn’t planning to show any pictures of my Hasselse Garde unit until the painting was done. But plans being what they are…here’s a picture of my still unfinished Imagination Guard unit. Up till now I’ve spent about 5 hours at the painting table, not counting the test figure. I streamlined the painting process to suit the Minden casting.
I’m having some doubts as to this is really the effect I want. Why shouldn’t I stick to one tone block painted models and make life easier for myself? I have to dig up my scrapbook and remind myself of the goals and style of my mid 18th century Imagination project I decided on months ago. But still…if…then…Maybe I should start a real Old School plastic army now Hät is coming out with 28mm figures.

In the background you see my palette. It’s actually an old egg container I salvaged from a refrigerator at the local recycling parc. I normally use three water containers: one for cleaning brushes with ordinary coloured paint, one for metallics and a third with clean water and just one small drop of washing up liquid. The reason for the first two is obvious: don’t want to get metallic particles mixed up with ordinary paint. The third container is used for wetting brushes and thinning paint. The washing up liquid breaks the surface tension of the acrylic paint and makes it flow better.

The Blasthof Blog
An Imagi-historic name and also the name of a new blog named “The blasthof blog” . Misters Asquith, Gill, Preece and Olley plan to enlighten us with all sorts of writings concerning “Charge”. From what I’ve already been reading, I guess the blog could easily have been called “The Charge Companion”.
I  do think that Stokes Schwarz, of Grand Duchy of Stollen fame, should -de facto- be made a member of that -not so- secret coven. I haven’t seen anybody so enthusiastically involved in “Charge” as himself. He has the terrain, the armies and the knowledge. Stokes, when reading this, know that you have my support and my vote.

Ancient gaming
One of my projects was ancient wargaming.
I’ve started to scribble down my first thoughts on the matter. I already have several rule sets at my disposal and I’ve started prospecting miniatures.  I’m now convinced to just collect miniatures I like and then building a Hyboria style campaign around these. Yes, letting the miniatures be the inspiration for my generic style Imagi-ancient armies. It works for me. Instead of doing all the work and designing a world, I just buy a box of, let’s say, Hät’s El Cid Almoravid infantry. I can imagine them living in the south part of a country named Cidonia. That country has a southern province called Almora, which is stuck in civil war with the northern province of Castilia…you see it coming, don’t you…

Armistice day
I would just like to end this posting with something I think is very important.
Today I attended a war remembrance ceremony in my village. Next Sunday I will attend a ceremony at a German war cemetery just north of where I live. Anyway sitting there in church my mind wandered of. As a soldier I find that less and less people feel any attachment to remembering the fallen of the two world wars. Which is maybe natural, as time trudges on and memories fade with the coming of new generations. But then I thought of the victims of the post Second World War  modern wars. And not only those who sadly lost their lives, but also those silent victims: the men and women suffering from combat stress related disorders, losing families and homes, sometimes ending up living in the streets. I think now is the moment to support efforts like the Combat Stress Charity  or whatever similar organisation you have where you live. Or maybe just donate to a local trauma centre as a lot of firemen, policemen and ambulance workers have similar problems as they sometimes get to see and live through horrible scenes. 

I just noticed The Chronicles have been visited over 2000 times. This is unbelievable to me, but at the same time very motivating to keep going. Please don’t be shy and leave a comment. I’d like you to share your thoughts, give advice or just say hello.
Next posting will hopefully see my first unit finished and the first 16 Olley points ticked off.

Happy Gaming

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  1. As I've mentioned on some other blogs, in Canada November 11 is known as "Remembrance Day" . . . which I think is a very appropriate name for it.

    -- Jeff