Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I've added some more stuff on the left and rearranged the sections. Work is still in progress.
The "How to..." section is just that. Links to other peoples blogs or sites, where they explain much better than I ever could how to do things. Of course there are thousands of these "How to..."'s available. I'll just pick those that are of interest to me.
Next is the CQMS. In this section I'll build a reference of sites selling miniatures, terrain, ...anything more or less wargaming related. Again, I'm not trying to build a defintive list of online stores...but just jotting down those I regularly frequent.
All this is done without any order of preference, nor do I get payed to advertise (but if any manufacturer or retailer should be empathic enough, I will never refuse a gift...but drop a line first so I can tell you exactly what it is you could randomly send me...).

Happy gaming

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Taking stock

So, after four months of (in-)activity, where have I arrived?
On the painting front I have completed one Olley point. At a figure scale of 1/50000 this constitutes my imagi-army. Nice going Pjotr!
The Napoleonic project has taking a flying start as I have looked at the Perry Miniatures site.
My ancients project is in full swing as I spent time on the Plastic Soldier Review site trying to decide which boxes to buy.
My WW2 project is going steady, meaning I still haven't given it any attention.
So productivity is a bit low.
I did buy a couple of books...which gave me a lot of ideas, resulting in me being totally dumbfounded as  how to proceed.
And I did stalk and spam several well known wargame bloggers and forums, which gave me the feeling I was doing something.
I guess the time has arrived to decide if I want to go ahead, just take it as it comes or drop everything and admit I don't have the patience nor the drive to invest into a hobby.

Answers on a postcard.

Happy Gaming