Sunday, 27 December 2009

Taking stock

So, after four months of (in-)activity, where have I arrived?
On the painting front I have completed one Olley point. At a figure scale of 1/50000 this constitutes my imagi-army. Nice going Pjotr!
The Napoleonic project has taking a flying start as I have looked at the Perry Miniatures site.
My ancients project is in full swing as I spent time on the Plastic Soldier Review site trying to decide which boxes to buy.
My WW2 project is going steady, meaning I still haven't given it any attention.
So productivity is a bit low.
I did buy a couple of books...which gave me a lot of ideas, resulting in me being totally dumbfounded as  how to proceed.
And I did stalk and spam several well known wargame bloggers and forums, which gave me the feeling I was doing something.
I guess the time has arrived to decide if I want to go ahead, just take it as it comes or drop everything and admit I don't have the patience nor the drive to invest into a hobby.

Answers on a postcard.

Happy Gaming


  1. 4 projects to start with... "Dispersion! Acht! Gross malheur! The doom of many a wargamer."
    Chose a priority project -and for me I hope it will be De Dietsche Unie, not only because it's one of these Lace Wars Imagi-Nations I'm so fond of, but mainly because it is the more *personal*. Any ideas you have developed elsewhere can be re-injected here. And in alternation you can work on the background -geography, history, political situation, plots, schemes and characters- as a refreshing, reinvigorating change still ensuring you are progressing.

    Cheers and best wishes,

  2. Keep it going! I've got a job that's slowly killing me and two kids that are trying the same! :) My hobby is one of the few things that keeps me sane.And the few times I do get to paint are some of my more relaxing moments!

    I look forward to following your blog throughtout 2010.

    All the best for the New Year!


  3. I'll add in my 2 cents to keep going and second the hope that you'll do more on the ImagiNation. Don't be too hard on yourself if progress hasn't been what you might've hoped for.
    Hobbies are for fun. That's my "motto". :)

  4. I go with what the wise gentlemen above have said. Start small. You'll come back to the things that are semi-started, I know I do.
    Fitz-Badger is right; it's fun not work.

  5. Obviously I won't tell you to "soldier on", but don't give up just yet after such a promising start! I too look forward to following your blog into the New Year

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Isn't this just the type of conversation you would be having sitting around a table, maybe whilst inspecting each others newest wargames goodies?
    Now maybe I should buy the new Grant/Olley volume from Ken Trotman...just to get me back on track.
    Also, I think I should use the Chronicles to get some feedback on my ponderings on rules and other stuff, instead as exclusive showcase for miniatures and imagi-nation?
    Bother, it's still middle-me in the picture...