Sunday, 3 January 2010

At last...

...I've got some painting done.

Thanks to the motivating comments I've had two post ago...I've given my projects a good look and proceeded. Last night and this evening I managed two painting sessions which leaves the Hasselse Garde with only the metal bits to do. I will probably not paint the buttons on the leggings...I tested on a figure and it was just awfull.
I also sketched a map for my Imagi-ancients campaign, giving broad lines to the project by defining which countries represented what style of army (à la Hyboria by Tony Bath ). When this project takes of I'll probably start a second blog, just to keep things tidy. At this point all is scribed carefully in my scrapbook.

I would also like to mention the many links to the blogs of like minded souls. One in particular is very dear to me...the Return of the Poacher blog. The projects shown there (remember my first postings?) are akin to mine. The only difference is that Christines projects are moving along at a steady pace.
We really are spoilt with high quality blogs. Special mention to Phil Olley who has replaced his War Cabinet with three ( yes...3) new blogs ( one of which in co-authorship). And not only that, his partnership with Charles Grant resulted in several publications which are a must have for me. And I'm confident more is under way.

Battlegames magazine is now in regime and Henry Hyde now delivers a first class gaming magazine. I even entered the Minden competition in the last issue. I hope someone abroad wins this one, that someone being me of course.

So I think a good start for 2010.

The Chronicles now have received some 3700 hits and has 14 followers. Thank you all for the support. Please, even if you just come for a look, or want to "lurk", do leave a comment to introduce yourselves so I can relate to the people following the Chronicles.

So, without promising anything, I hope I can produce some pictures in the very near future.

I wish you all and all who(m?) are dear to you a prosperous New Year, with good health, love and laughter and a fullfilling year of hobbying.

Happy Gaming


  1. It would be wonderful if, when you get your Hyborian project rolling, you could set up a blog and join "Kingdoms of Antiquity" group.
    It's almost moribund, but it's much the same thing as the Emperor Vs. Elector blog group.

  2. Good going! I'll look forward to pics. :)

  3. Herr Nyudrev, be assured, der Direktors are always, always, everywhere - lurking...


  4. Good luck and best wishes for 2010 Pjotr