Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Battle of Groeninghe Vezel

Well maybe not a high class and  real battle report as many of you gentlemen and lady produce and maybe not a thorough review of the Black Powder rules, but just to prove we did have fun...

So, as planned the old Airfix soldiers (with a handful of newer Revell mixed in) were organised in a couple of brigades to have a go at Black Powder.
 The battle was a very simple set up with two French Brigade attacking British lines. The left brigade commander couldn't get his orders sorted out, lost a battalion of infantry in the process due to Artillery fire and then suddenly all went very fast as the brigade suddenly leapt forward into contact. The British Hussars (on the far end, near the farmhouse in the right picture) attacked the flanks of the French columns and all was over as the French lost two battalions at once. Here we learned much about support in H-to-H combat and mixed combat. One also has to think about defining orders (charging) and using full moves as brigades quickly become disorganised and arrive at the enemy lines in completely the wrong formation. One should try and not move to contact to quickly, but first organise units in a proper formation and then rush in making sure all support is there where you want it.
On the right flank (no pictures I'm afraid) the guard battalion speedily set of and got slowed down in some rough going just in front of the British lines. This gave the British the chance to use their initiative move and in real 52nd at "Waterloo" style enfilidaded the Guard Brigade to finish them of. Here we learned more about manoeuvring units and shooting.

-A minor rules dispute was settled in a very gentleman like fashion.
Not wanting to damage my copy of Black Powder and lacking fresh air, I gave in...
Before leaving for home, I did slash his car tyres...-

Anyway, we now know what to look for in the rules, and what sections need some more studying (especially on my part). We, my former friend Ludo and I, both thought the rules worked well and probably will get better as our games pick up speed and we slowly add more special rules and unit abilities.
Winner of the game were the Black Powder rules (oh, and Ludo came second).

As promised, it was a fun evening. I don't see this project replacing my "Old School" project in any way. Maybe ancient gaming will be the victim, at first...

Happy gaming


  1. Then you must have slashed my car tyres with you Airfix troopers bayonets :-)

    Black Powder was indeed the winner of the evening. Some earlier misgivings I had while reading the rules for the first time, were sorted out and the game went along pretty fluidly, always a good sign when playing a rules set for the first time. So the book doesn't only look good, it has a good game in it as well.

    Beauty and brains!

  2. Looks like a real battle report to me and I enjoyed it. Constantly amazed at how making the rules simpler seems to end up making tactics more important.


  3. Nice summary and display of debating skills. I have become a big fan of the Black Powder ruleset - it's easy to play and doesn't bog down with too much detail.

  4. @Ludo
    What, no flat tyres? You do drive around in a red Toyota, I hope. Don't you? Oh dear...Seems I won't be welcome at club nights anymore.

    Indeed, with Black Powder you have to be very aware of how you formulate your orders, always expect three moves to happen. You then realise tactics are more important than speed in execution. Splitting my brigade orders resulted in leaving one battalion and my artillery way behind the front attack columns and even these weren't properly in formation to benefit support from each other.

    loved your FoW report and the Nappy report before that, but if I remember correctly, that was played with home made rules. I would love the Uber Geek to share his ideas about BP, especially since he has real armies and a real gaming about some more piccies, sir?


  5. I enjoyed the report and another glimpse at Blackpowder.
    As a solo gamer I wonder how Blackpowder would work out for solo games. Any thoughts on that?

  6. The pictures of all those Airfix figures takes me back a few years !


  7. I found Black Powder works just fine for solo play but I felt a bit odd stating the orders out loud especially with others in the house,oh well they think I'm a lunatic anyway!.

  8. Paul,
    did you wear a folded newspaper "bicorn" and carry a wooden sword when you were giving the just have to do that,otherwise people might realy take you seriously...
    We are much better now...if he doesn't forget to take our medication...

    Pjotr & the Nyudrev family