Monday, 26 April 2010

Being the third series of pictures of Spencer Smith Miniatures

Without any comments (on my part), let's get on with it...But for one thing: thank you for the very kind and thought provoking comments. Don't forget: these wonderful armies were collected by Jan and complements  should really be addressed to him. Pay him a visit here on his Napoleonic revolutionary wars blog called ça ira.

-Ranking 86th in the French army is ROYAL BAVIERE.
As with the next unit the colours do not fit. I think
Jan used some artistic license at the time.-

-French 106th LOWENDAHL ?-

-Ranking 39th is BOURBON, identified unmistakeably by the colours.-

-ROYAL COMTOIS (59th) might fit the bill here.-

I'm afraid the standard is to generic to help identify this unit.
It is French cavalry, isn't it?-

- Les troupes légères pour la petite guerre:

In the meantime I've decided that the Grenadiers de France will be the first unit to get a make-over. The miniatures will be de-based,  given a clean with a soft toothbrush and soapy water, flaked paint on muskets will be removed and touched up, bases repainted, faces repainted and finally re-based according to a very cunning plan...more of which later...much, much later...

And there's more, yes, really, ....
Comments, remarks, suggestions, know the drill.

Happy gaming

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Check this out

 What a find:

Mouillard 7YW French uniform and colours plates

Okay, you probably knew about these but forgot to tell?
I added the link.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spencer Smith units part two

Being the second -but not the last- series of pictures of the Spencer Smith models now under my command (some minor editing has occurred since the day of posting)

-I had some trouble identifying these chaps.
My guess is they represent the French BERCHENY Hussars.
In the comments, Musketier rightly suggests they are ROYAL NASSAU.
They are by far the most beautiful models Jan made and already my favourites,
me being light cav and all....-

-GRENADIERS DE FRANCE (ranking 40th) exercising "Charge" formation.-
-And changing over to "The Wargame" line.
These men do know their business.-

-ROHAN MONTBAZON  (ranking 32nd) marching by.-

-And back to Austria as I think what are the Hungarian Regiment IR.53 SIMBSCHEN or
maybe IR.37 Joseph ESTERHAZY.-

A lot of your comments were a plead to keep the models as they are (If it ain't broke...hey Matt). I'm still thinking of amalgamating similarly uniformed units by changing facing colours, but keeping the rest of the paintwork intact...good enough for you?

More to come, keep watching this space...

Happy Gaming

Saturday, 17 April 2010

First pics of Spencer Smith units

Well, the post title says it all...

First of all I would like to clarify that Jan, the former CinC of the miniature armies about to be presented to you didn't help me identifying the units. The reason is simple: I really enjoyed the challenge going through the process of studying my meagre reference works and finding which units represented what regiments. So, Jan, when reading this and finding fault with my gentle when commenting.

Remember, these pictures -and others coming soon- is in honour of Jan's work and of his amazingly unselfish act of giving overall command of his 7YW armies to me. Jan, I salute you.

-Regiment LA MARCK, also known as KÖNINGSMARK
This German line infantry regiment in French service ranked 66th during the Seven Years' War.-

This is the only Austrian regiment I could find having violet facings.-

-Regiment ALSACE.
Another German unit in French service, ranking 36th.
As with LA MARCK, the ordonnance flag colours confirm the identity of this unit.-

Please keep watching this space as more units pass inspection...As ever, your comments, remarks and suggestions are more than welcome.

Happy gaming

Friday, 9 April 2010

The way ahead

To use "Ross Mac"'s words: explaining away the magic,but first...

First of all: a big thank you to all visitors and especially to all those who took the trouble to leave a comment. It is very heart warming to see that sometimes something simple can brighten ones day. Please, anyone visiting or subscribing as a follower: leave a little note introducing yourselves, or just say hello. It's always nice and enriching to read someone's opinion or advice.

Second on the agenda: take a look at the "Dressing the Lines" blog run by the well known gamer Roly Hermans of The Kapiti Fusiliers fame (see the link under favourite places). Old meets new in perfect synergy. By the way, Hermans is a Flemish name...just so you know what part of the world those genes came from. There is hope for me yet. The blog will appear under the "inspiration" section.

As for the Magic Easter Box.  Yes, the box magically appeared on my dining table and the soldiers took over my house. We are camping in our garden shed and are making plans to invade our own house. The dog is doing a reconnaissance patrol as I write this.
Well, to be honest, the soldiers didn't really march forth out of the box, unless you really convinced yourselves they did. In that case you better stop reading here.

It all started some years ago when I first met Jan and Peter from the Alde Garde (on the picture that's Peter on the left and of course Jan on the right from where I'm looking. Actually Peter is on Jan's right). Now and then I corresponded with Jan through e-mail. Little over two years ago Jan mentioned his Box of Spencer Smith minis. Since that day I have been asking, begging, grovelling, demanding, threatening and asking again if I could have his box full of SSM's. Finally, he succumbed after holding him hostage for about 30 seconds when I met up with him in Rheindahlen.

So, last Saturday we met up again in Gent for the Red Barons & Bylandt & Thunderbolts Convention XXII. There Jan parted with his box of Spencer Smiths, praise him. I'm extremely honoured to having been given such a precious gift and I will carefully consider what I will be doing with these mini's, allways asking Jan's opinion before doing anything to the minis. By the way check out his new French Revolution wargaming blog called ça ira. I've added a link under "inspiration".

As for the miniatures... They are based and organised for the WRG Horse and Musket rules and can be used as is for Black Powder, Tricorn and Musket or Pro Gloria rules and maybe some others I don't know. The main issue is that given unit sizes are of around 12 models. They are not really suited for Charge or The Wargame. Well maybe Charge if you brigade the battalions and treat them as companies. Come to think of it, that way I can even use them for The Wargame rules, using main uniform colours as a guide.

As for the way ahead. Well first of all, I will photograph and identify each seperate unit and post them on the Chronicles as an homage to Jan's work and the beautifully Old School painted miniatures themselves. By then I should have decided if I want to go for 36 or 48 mini batallions. Next the figures will be stripped and repainted, keeping Jan's painting style and even keeping the names of a couple of his original units, adding to them any plastic or new metal minis I can find or buy. So eventually all models will be amalgamated into larger units.

So, as soon as my 7YW uniform books are back home I'll start presenting the units.

Tonight is club night...I'll be gloating all evening, maybe even getting free coffees in exchange for a peep in the box...

Happy gaming

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I'm a happy (Easter) bunny

 Without to much comments...just judge for yourselves...

-What is this box doing on the dining table?
Hey, the lid is moving and what are those strange noises?-

-What's happening? Are those toy soldiers?
Help!!! Somebody, help!!!-

-They are taking over the dining room...Save us!-

-It looks like these hussars are part of the vanguard.-

 -Even more cavalry supporting the right flank.
By god...there's even artillery near Charge Hill.-

 -Better get the wife and kids under cover...-

-Jäger and Hussars covering  covering the main body...
that commander does know his trade.-

-Cry havoc and let loose the minimilitivorous dogs of war.-

-There's the last of them, thank God...we might stand a chance yet.-

...doesn't this bring a tear to your eye...
Future posts will make all clear...just enjoy the pictures for now...

Happy gaming, indeed