Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spencer Smith units part two

Being the second -but not the last- series of pictures of the Spencer Smith models now under my command (some minor editing has occurred since the day of posting)

-I had some trouble identifying these chaps.
My guess is they represent the French BERCHENY Hussars.
In the comments, Musketier rightly suggests they are ROYAL NASSAU.
They are by far the most beautiful models Jan made and already my favourites,
me being light cav and all....-

-GRENADIERS DE FRANCE (ranking 40th) exercising "Charge" formation.-
-And changing over to "The Wargame" line.
These men do know their business.-

-ROHAN MONTBAZON  (ranking 32nd) marching by.-

-And back to Austria as I think what are the Hungarian Regiment IR.53 SIMBSCHEN or
maybe IR.37 Joseph ESTERHAZY.-

A lot of your comments were a plead to keep the models as they are (If it ain't broke...hey Matt). I'm still thinking of amalgamating similarly uniformed units by changing facing colours, but keeping the rest of the paintwork intact...good enough for you?

More to come, keep watching this space...

Happy Gaming


  1. They are excellant, especially the hussars.
    Keep 'em coming.


  2. Agreed! Lovely old school miniatures, especially the hussars. I envy your windfall.

    Best Regards,


  3. Very good stuff. I'm going to be interested to see which direction you take with this little windfall of yours. Regardless, you have the basis for a lovely little army, and His Majesty de St. Maurice would be honored to do battle with so glittering and gallant a host......just as soon as we can find a spot in the Atlantic big enough for a good sized wargames table. - Mike

  4. Well you're the light cavalry expert, but Royal Nassau come to mind as well given the colour scheme?

    As for organisation, I'd combine them by coat colour and leave the facings as "company" distinctions. That way you can separate them again for other unit sizes should the fancy take you.

  5. Good looking chaps. Once my Erbprinz are finished I will be getting some more of the metal versions.

  6. @ Musketier: well Royal Nassau did come to mind. But they had white sheepskin saddle cloth. With some artistic license it could go both ways. Why not call them the Royal Nascheny-Bersau (I think we just witnessed the remarkable and spontaneous birth of an imagination unit).