Thursday, 13 May 2010


I was wondering what to do first. Finish the Hasselse Garde Minden unit or start reorganising and touching up a Spencer Smith unit?
I've got something to ponder whilst relaxing on the Eurostar from Brussels to London. Hmmmm, maybe I should pack Grant and Olley's Wargaming in History Vol.1 as an inspiring read for the journey?

Happy Gaming

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fourth and last part of the SSM

Sadly -or rather proudly- I announce the last series of pictures of the Spencer Smith Miniatures I inherited.

-This fine looking Austrian regiment of dragoons I presume

-Now something of a mystery. If it weren't for the colour of the breeches,
these cavaliers could represent any number of Austrian cuirassiers.
Because of the white breeches I think I'll stick with the ALTHANN dragoons.-

-A number of Staff officers and Regimental commanders.-

-Austrian artillery.-

-French artillery.-
-FREI BATTALION LOUDON protecting the flanks of the Austrian column.-

- Dutch (Netherlandish) IR.9 LOS RIOS, but not quite sure about the standard.
Maybe IR.28 WIED? Anyway, a fine looking Austrian unit.-

-These boys baffled me. IR.43 PLATZ had orange lapels.
Let's just call them the YELLOW regiment.-

And that is that. I hope I made Jan -the former C-in-C of this formidable army- proud to see his troops passing the review and I hope he enjoyed your comments and encouragement as much as I did.

So, what now? Well some thought will go into refurbishing and amalgamating the units, trying to keep as much of the original paintwork intact. I'll also try and create new Imagi-units. The reason is that in my future armies I don't want all Spencer Smith Minis on one side of the table, i.e. I would like a reasonable mix of different makes of miniatures in units representing both Prussia, Britain and their allies -such as the DDU-  ("huzzah") on one hand and dito representing the coalition forces ("boo, hiss").

The units will be at approximately 1/20 figure scale for "The Wargame" and other Classic or Old School rulesets. Extra command figures will make it possible to split these in 1/40 battalions for more modern rulesets as Rank & File, Die Kriegskunst, Black Powder, Minden Rose...

Oh, and please take a closer look at The Lead Gardens, if you haven't already. Another very inspiring blog, helping me to define my future plans. There Grolsteiners and Bleiherzen feature in very high standard battle reports with top class photographs. A link has been included in the "inspiration" section on the left.

Well, I hope I warmed some peoples hearts with the latest series of posts. As usual I do welcome and appreciate your comments, remarks and suggestions.

Happy gaming

PS: I'm visiting London 14th-17th May, any suggestions -wargames wise- which I can stumble upon quite by coincidence (SWMBO must never suspect anything)?