Saturday, 24 July 2010

WIP report, finally...

well, first up, a WIP report, rather obvious from the title, on the SSM Grenadiers de France and my thoughts on Phil Olley's newest project: the Classic Wargaming Journal.

Having had the "luck" last Monday of hurting my back -doing some 1 scale terrain modeling, I was able to devote some time to the hobby this week. I started with the tedious job of removing flaked paint from the Grenadiers figures. Remember I had already taken care of the flocked bases.
I was rather disappointed to find that quite a lot of flaked enamel paint came of, especially around the lower legs of the models. What I did expect was stripping the paint from the flexi-muskets.

- Removing flaked paint.-

Moving on, I undercoated all affected areas and those bits needing repainting with white gesso. This way the miniatures will be ready to receive new paint.

-Undercoating with white gesso.-

In the mean time I'm experimenting with colouring varnish to simulate the original yellowish varnish (through ageing and some UV bombardment, no doubt) to tone down the new colours. All models will then receive  an extra two layers of varnish, just because...I have a lot of varnish in the cupboard. Maybe I should add that by varnish I mean Johnson's Pledge Future Shine acrylic floor polish (also known under other names, just Google to find out what name the product has where you live). I also discovered I'll need to convert some soldiers to standard bearer and NCO's.

That said and done, how about the Classic Wargaming Journal (CWJ)? Well,  I love the idea. I will certainly try and have at least one article published. But I do hope the CWJ will find enough contents to keep alive. I think a lot of readers and contributors will be the same people writing, reading and commenting each other's wargaming blogs. I fear there might be a redundancy of contents in the CWJ. So I guess the message is: don't write everything in your blogs and save some special topic for a nice page filling article in support of the CWJ.

Enough damage done for one day...till next time...

Happy Gaming