Thursday, 30 September 2010

Green, green or green?'s all about paint,  green paint.

I was searching for a "classic" basing colour. As I don't have a store selling Dulux "Moss Green" in the neighbourhood, I compared following paints I had in the cupboard: Old GW Goblin Green (hexagon pots), New GW Goblin Green and a mat acryl mix from the paint store. I want both figure bases and base plates to be the same colour, which should also be the table colour.
-Top picture with colours automatically enhanced, lower picture as scanned.-

In reality (as above pictures distort the colours somewhat) the Levis mix really is  a good slightly olive green, just a touch lighter of tone than both GW greens and a shade just in between those two. I think I'll go for the Levis paint mix as I can have lots of it made cheaply, and I still have much of it left after making a wargames table for the boys' Warhammer armies (years ago). Also the Levis paint is finely grained/pigmented enough to paint the miniatures bases. Just add a tiny drop of washing up liquid to the water you dilute the paint with, just to break the surface tension.

Also, for the moment I'm not posting that much (yeah, thanks Pjotr, we didn't notice that, duh...). And the hobby time I have left I'd rather spend painting and modelling, so that in due time I can start presenting proper finished units and start developing the DDU story and commence other projects and...and...(I'm getting that 36 hour watch for X- Mas.

Anyway , next post will be the presentation of some new links I've started incorporating in the Chronicles. As always: remarks, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Happy gaming,

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Old School ACW

Just a quicky to share this Old School ACW blog with you. I've included it on the left in the inspiration section, so I'll know when new posts have been made. Of course, if you visit my blog regularly, you'll know too. In the mean time, I've been very busy on the gaming front, but in a very unexpected way. Some of you will find out what I've been up to in a couple of weeks...Also I've been -so very slowly- working on the restoration of Jan's SSM models. A tedious, but very satisfying part of the 7YW imagination project.

Happy gaming