Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Classic Wargamer's Journal Volume I, Issue 1

Strangely enough, I haven't seen much feedback on the first issue of the CWJ. Myself, I'm still taking it all in. So I guess a lot of you are doing just the same as me: enjoying the moment of discovery. But in support of Phil Olley and the CWJ, I decided to do this small post in the Chronicles anyway.

I enjoyed reading Phil's editorial as he wrote another fine example of his "philolleysophy" (sorry Phil, couldn't help myself, I just love that word) under the "Soapbox Time" heading.
I think it's a strong first issue, clearly marking the way ahead for the journal and I'm convinced it will inspire a lot of wargamers -classic, old school, new school, whatever- to refresh their view on the hobby and go on with a new found "élan". I know it did so with me, as I spent yesterday evening painting Minden castings.

Through the CWJ, I even rediscovered Greg Horne's Duchy of Alzheim, which I had -for some inexcusable reason- lost track of. I've put a link in the "Inspiration" section on the left. Note that the Old School ACW blog already listed there, also is Greg's brainchild.

The CWJ is 100% pure wargaming fun, undiluted by merchandising. On second thought, I won't review the contents. Instead I invite you all to at least try an issue. There are two of them now: a pilot issue and the first "real" issue. Even if you don't like it, never mind, you've probably will have spent a couple of pounds or Euros on worst things than the CWJ.

There is one drawback though: I don't think I'll have the patience to wait until January for the next issue to drop in the letterbox. And I don't think issue one will last that long, unless I ration myself to reading  two pages a week...now that's a silly and bad idea.

Tonight I'm playing an ancient wargame, using the Command and Colours game system. I'm looking forward to that.

Happy gaming


  1. The CWJ is a great read. The idea really hits a chord I think, it is a reminder that although the internet is great, there really is nothing like a "real read". It is one of the reasons I have started painting Airfix again! Looking forward to the next issue already.


  2. Nice to see you "out there" Pjotr!



  3. I agree that the CWJ looks like a real breath of fresh air. Perhaps my only reservation is that the encouragement to send in battle reports of scenarios featured in previous issues means you get the same material recycled from issue to issue: at least, this was my feeling on reading the 'first' issue compared to the pilot. We'll see.
    My favourite bit is the old articles from War Game Digest. They knew how to write a AAR (and draw a map) in those days!

    Best wishes, Keith.