Monday, 15 November 2010


Edited: I replaced the original pictures in this post with better (sharper) ones, but there still is room for improvement. I've also added two pictures.

As I was trying to figure out basing my almost finished Minden castings, I thought I'd take a couple of pictures...just to show of my flag I painted freehand on linen. One side of the flag shows the standard of the Hasselse Garde imagination unit, the other side shows one version of the DDU flag.

The Hasselse garde standard is based on the real life flag of the town of Hasselt and the designs I sketched earlier in my scrapbook. It shows the white and green banded background of the modern day Hasselt flag and the central part of the Hasselt coat of arms combined.

The DDU flag is based on the modern province of Limburg flag. I gave it a twist by having the blue band symbolising the river Maas -"the Meuse" which plays a major part in the DDU economy-, green for the fertile valley of the Maas and yellow for the sandy "Kempa" region consisting of moors and heathland. The central roman lettering are the mirrored initials of Leopold Van Loon, the first regent of the DDU. The second variation of this flag will carry the initials DDU.

I sketched some basing possibilities trying to figure out what would work well for me. The unit still needs two coats of varnish, espontoons fitted and the flagpole finished

Anybody having a 600 Euro state of the art camera laying about and wanting to get rid of it...just send it over. Mind you, I won't pay for the postage.

Happy gaming


  1. Very handsome - nice job. I must admit I really love all this imagi-nation stuff. I was sufficiently impressed to look back to August last year, to read your piece on the DDU.

    The Mindens look good.



  2. The lads are looking very fine but the flags are marvelous. Having the 2 different sides is interesting. I know this was sometimes done but it has given me an idea. My British units are 2 small for 2 flags but one misses having both King's and Regimental colours but if were to do 1 flag with one side as the King's colour and the other as the regimental colour, it would give something of the right effect, in pictures at least.

    Will the Minden's be able to march along side the vintage Spencer Smith's?

  3. I like the colorful uniforms and flag . . . nicely done, sir.

    One of the factors that I think gets overlooked about colorful uniforms is that in the smoke and confusion of battle, they give their own generals a better chance of seeing where they are.

    -- Jeff

  4. Tony, well, it allows you to have historical games, but still leave some space for creativity...imagine an imagi-nation brigade or division as an ally of either Napoleonic French or one of their enemies...on your table...maybe you have some surplus castings you can use for at least a battalion worth of figures. Go for it, be a devil.
    Ross, you're spot on: the two flags in one are my solution for multiple flag small units. As for the Mindens...they're soldiers, they and the Spencer Smiths will march where I tell them to march...the only excuse will be a bad die roll.
    Jeff, it is a bit of historical exaggeration the uniform thing...even with modern field glasses it is difficult to see colours at a distance, except in the most excellent of conditions...then think of dust, smoke, haze, bad weather and what not. But at very short distance -on the battlefield, as you say- it does make clear which are friend and foe and even then cases have been documented of friendly fire incidents.


  5. An excellent job, exemplar for 'public relations' of the 18th C. Imagi-Nations bunch!
    Good to have the DDU back on-line!


  6. Agreed, very handsome painting on both figures and standard. Go Pjotr!

    Best Regards,


    You have been busy, haven't you? ;-)

  7. Very nice job on the minis and the flag!

  8. Excellent work the elegance of the Minden figures is reflected by your original uniforms.

  9. Thank you all for being so supportive. Very encouraging indeed.