Sunday, 5 December 2010


You might get the idea not a lot is happening in Chateau Nyudrev.  You might be right...

As I've explained before,  I'd rather spend time getting my different projects organised than posting on the Chronicles.
First of all, slowly but steadily, figures are getting painted and restored.  You've allready seen pictures of the Hasselse Garde nearing completion. But between painting and blogging, I was loosing sight of something very important: pushing toy soldiers around the tabletop. To remedy this little problem, I'll do two things. The first will not be new to regular readers. I'll step up and make some serious work of sorting out that big box of 1/72 plastics and organising some ad hoc improvised napoleonic units. I guess if I put my back into it I can have everything sorted out, based and marked in a couple of weeks time.

For myself, I had the idea that I could temporary base the SSM troops I now have and use them to game with as they are. Working to restore one unit at a time, replacing an unit which I'll start work on with a finished one would mean that rotating units this way I'd always have enough troops for a game and at the same time get motivated as unit after unit gets the treatment. I've chosen plain beerfelt card to base, using a small blob of putty to fix the figures. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

Of course there's other hobby related stuff going on, but you'll have to read a certain Journal to know what that is about. In the mean time note that last weekend, I had to change the numbers in the "about me" section again.Speaking of Mr Olley and his endavours. Did you know that his Warcabinet has done the "Phoenix thing" and is know again alive and kicking? Of course you do. This is old news isn't it. Anyway, I'm making a point of becoming a follower and placing a link. But first, I'm making dinner.

So you see, the Chronicles are alive, but I don't find every little thing I'm doing worth  a special mention. On the blogging side of things, it will really get interesting as units get ready for the battlefield and there is something worth showing and a story to be told. In the mean time you can expect an and then...-ish

Happy gaming