Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I know it's been a while...but there is so much to tell,  I won't even bother trying.

Instead enjoy these pictures of the Grenadiers de Franlysse. They featured here and they are a unit ready for battle know. I haven't got around to painting the wargames table yet, I'll explain later why this is...
But I wanted to see if everything would come together and look right to me.

-Note linen flags, NCO with soldered spontoons, and balsa house in the background.

-ooh, and the hedges and fences...and trees...

And have a look at the biggest Old School or Classic (what's in a name? ah yes, copyright and stuff) wargaming table ever painted...

-How about some 9 by 15 feet of goblin greenish surface...?

-Just a pity it's vertical...but then,  who else can say they tricked their spouse in having a goblin green feature wall in the sitting room.-

It did cost me 1745 pots of paint...GW shares went up last month. But, this job is the reason why the games table hasn't been painted...I ran out of green...

So now that all the have to's have been seen to, it's play time.
Oh, and there's a terrible secret shrouding the balsa buildings...but that's for later.
And there's books I picked up, and miniatures arrived from the USA...and...and...

Happy gaming


  1. Everything looks very good to me (including the feature wall...and a brilliant good idea as well!).


  2. Good to have you on-line again, and the Grenadiers de Franlysse are eye-candy now: cheers!
    Best wishes,

  3. The miniatures, flags and building all look great!

    (now you just need to find a way to attach terrain and figures to the wall... ha ha)

  4. Great looking regiment and terrain

    -- Allan

  5. The troops and scenery look great.

    Please tell me that you didn't line the wall with a thin sheet of steel before painting and that you are not busy attaching magnets to your troops.

  6. Glad to be back, gentlemen, glad to be back.


  7. Nicely painted troops and the wall does not look half bad either.

    Have you thought of a gloss finish for the wall?


  8. Great idea: a green feature wall - great for backgounds. The buildings go very well with the soldiery - straightforward, simple, and eye-catching. great!

  9. Those buildings look even better in real life! Now can we have a tutorial on how to make 'em or is that a marital secret LOL???

    Nice work

    LCL von Mundy

  10. Hello Pjotr,

    I just discovered your blog and think it's terrific. I especially enjoy all the pictures of your glossy, old-school, toy soldiers. They're inspiring!

    Thanks very much. Best regards,

    Will Scarvie