Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Proof of life

This time I have written a post with several purposes.
First of all to prove I’m still alive, although some people would probably consider me brain dead, which, in fact, suites me fine. Next to give an update on how all the projects are progressing. An introduction of my new acquisitions -wargames related, of course- follows that.

How do I prove I’m still alive? A picture of me holding today's newspaper? Do I send a body part to each of the listed followers (yes, you, and you, and…). I could do that, but who gets which part and what will that leave for myself and my dear wife to enjoy? Actually, I won’t be going into this before I discover SWMBO really won’t miss anything and would happily start making 48 parcels with me laying heavily sedated in a pool of blood on a cold stone slab. This would sort of take the purpose out of the proof of life thingy. So, dear reader, just consider these humble words as proof of life. Actually, putting the word “humble” in the text sort of makes it not so humble any more…and here we go again…

Which smoothly brings me to the status of my projects...

The Classic or Old School wargaming project has slowed down a bit but will find new élan because a small but permanent gaming set up is in the making, giving me a 4 by 6 foot wargames table. As for miniatures, a next restored regiment of plastic Spencer Smith models is undergoing the last stages of restoration. The standards are painted on linen and came out very well I think. Next up is a 24 figure cavalry unit.
I have also identified the 1/100000 metric map for campaigning using the method described in “The Wargame”. Just to set the scene:

It is 1758 and the Franlysse (French) armies are deployed in three lines along the Meuse and Ruhr rivers, between Meuse and Rhine and the first line along the Rhine as they are manoeuvring against Ferdinand of Brunswicks allied troops. The upstart DDU poses a serious threat to the lines of communications coming from Northern Franlysse, through Flanders, and also formed a possible allied bridgehead in the Franlysse rear, West of the River Meuse. Franlysse's Comte de Clermont had sent a large contingent south and west around the Ardennes, by way of Namur, to cover this threat to his rear lines. This contingent is ordered to strike North to force the DDU into treaty or surrender at the same time robbing the allies of a possible bridgehead. After breaking the DDU forces, the Franlysse troops -let's call them Clermonts rearguard- were to bivouac and set up winter quarters as far North as possible.
Back to the campaign map.
The map that will be used can be found here. I'll be using the Liège/Limburg sheets. Only thing I haven’t decided upon yet (because of the work involved) is whether I’ll redraw the map and adapt it using the contemporary  “Kabinetskaart” for a more realistic setting. Anyway a new grid has to be superimposed for campaigning the Grant way.
Also, as I don't really want to be a follower, I'll think I'll call my Classic or Old School wargaming something else: Retro Wargaming. Yes, Pjotr Nuydrevs Retro Wargaming project. It does sound a bit silly doesn't it. In a couple of weeks time you'll find discussions on other fora about the correct definition of Retro Wargaming, as mine -even though i think I just invented it- isn't correct anyway and should include...blah blah blah

Of course, in the mean time, imagi-history has taught us that in the end Franlysse was beaten and the DDU survived to get mixed up in the Napoleonic wars.

The Napoleonic project using Rank and File rules is well under way. The models for a generic French division are present. The cavalry (dragoons) are painted. I’m using mainly Warrior miniatures for the infantry and some Minifigs for the cavalry. I’m still looking for some artillery miniatures compatible with the Warrior models. These could be Lamming, Tradition 25, maybe Hinchliffe or Garisson? (some desperate hinting just to make sure someone out there does write a useful or at least sensible comment). These Warrior miniatures where bought at a bring and buy at a wargames convention in GENTBRUGGE last year. The Minifig cavalry where an Ebay find.
The generic and partly imagi-nation allied forces are mustering also. Two divisions worth of infantry models: part Warrior miniatures and part Prince August models.
The Warrior models where acquired from Mr S.A. who tells me these models originated from another Mr. S. A.. Anyway,  these models are painted up as the war of 1812 British and US infantry. The British will form two large guard battalions. The US and Canadian troops will form DDU militia units.
Mr T. H. from Promotheus in Aspic fame, also sent me two battalions worth of Warrior miniatures painted as Spanish. These will make up two DDU line battalions. Of course all figures will be paint converted, keeping a maximum of the original paintwork. 
You can imagine how the allied are organised with DDU militia and line units standing in for historical 100 days campaign Dutch-Belgian troops.
Next, at this years Gentbrugge convention, I picked up a load of rather crudely painted Prince August miniatures which will need some work to form five British battalions. To complete the allied army I still need some artillery and cavalry.
So I think -after resolving some basing issues- I'm well on the way here.

- These  88 fellows will form half of an allied Napoleonic 100 day-ish army
after rebasing and touching up of course.-
Which means that I’ve already largely given away what has been brought into the house. But that was not all.

I have also bought a number of books: The Wargame rules, Scenarios for all Ages, the Funcken books on the 7YW...
But I won't renew my Battlegames subscription. I don't like the lecturing (is that the correct expression?) tone of many of the authors and reviewers and most importantly: Diane S.'s hand fetish photographs don't do it any more -for me at least- and I think of upgrading to Playboy or some such.

On hold

Due to the unexpected  influx of Napoleonic forces and the loss of the main motivator (The Classic Wargaming Journal) my ancients project is now last in the line.
But I'm happy with that. I don't want to set time bound goals and challenges to organise and structure my hobby to get the most out of it.... I'm doing all that at work...I just want to fool around with toy soldiers and paint some sometimes, throw a few dice, read history books and not feel guilty when I'm not doing anything...Isn't life stressful enough? Let me enjoy the chaos of my hobby at my leisure.


"No hands, no cookies",  as my grandmother used to say.... 

Happy gaming