Thursday, 7 June 2012

New inspiration

and goodbye old inspiration...

I've started to clean up the Chronicles a bit. In the "Inspiration" section I've deleted some defunct links. And put a few new ones (for me at least) in place.
The Airfix American Civil War Project is a good example of how I would want my civil war project to look. It is completely in line with my other projects.
Parum Pugna, what can I say, sowing the seeds of doubt in my mind. That Mr Pearson is a devil of sorts.
And Vauban and Shandy, a fellow Belgian gamer, in the same line of work as myself...nice and inspirational garden gaming.
Service Ration Distribution is a school example of how a sand table should look like. Respect...
And last, Jeremy Jenkins' Marauder Moments. Those armies will be -even more- huge in a couple of years. But I'd love a game with them right now.

The near future will see more cleaning up as I go along. If you feel left out or if for some reason I unintentionally left you out, drop a line and I'll sort it out.

Happy Gaming


  1. Welcome back!

  2. I'm still in it, so I'm happy! ;-)