Monday, 10 January 2011

A New Year

Belatedly, but nonetheless a Happy New Year to all readers of the Chronicles. I wish all of you and all those dear to you a wonderful 2011, with lots of love, good health and piles of lead.
(Funny this, somebody I know thought that "piles of lead" were a bodily affliction...he was thinking of..., well you can guess, can't you? Something like this is bound to happen when English is ones third or fourth language.)
I've been flying below the radars the past couple of weeks. Of course there are good reasons for this. Let's just say that due to a few unfortunate events (or rather mishaps), I had little available hobby time. And what I could do in that time was hampered physically (with me hanging together with hooks and threads so to speak) and this has nothing to do with the piles of lead mentioned above, thank you.
Anyway, I decided that I best first fulfilled my hobby commitments I had made to others. In the end, some of you will certainly (or hopefully) enjoy the fruits of that work by mid January.
In the mean time...

Happy gaming