Thursday, 12 May 2016

The past in a nutshell

So, getting back into it. A number of “dead” links have been removed. T thought some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to last couple of eons…

So what -whilst being away from the Chronicles- did I do…wargaming wise.
There certainly were a number of memorable  activities.

What stands out is attending an “Old school “ Waterloo wargame on the 17th of June 2015 at the “Le 1815” hotel,  a mere 100 yards from Wellingtons famous Elm tree location. And  of course, two days later, attending the reenactment on the Waterloo battlefield. I must say there was a rather large crowd attending the 200th get together of the Waterloo veterans. Pictures are AWOL.
The Fridays following that event I took command of Grouchy’s troops in another Waterloo game using Blucher  Napoleonic rules. Again,  can't find the pictures right now, to be continued....

Another game that stuck with me is when I took  command of a cavalry wing in a WSS game and totally trashed the enemy cavalry and then maneuvered into position  to attack the enemy infantry lines in the flank (battle report).

And there was this game that was set during the Crimean war. I took command of the Russian troops and after blocking an Anglo-French all but destroyed the Anglo part of the adversary in a well-coordinated counterattack. The write up of the battle says the dice were responsable for the Russian victory rather then superior generalship. You should take the writings of war correspondends with a pinch of salt.

In the mean time I’m assembling and (still busy) painting a small Dutch-Belgian 100 Days contingent in 28mm, of which the Dutch militia already fought at Waterloo on the 17th of June 2015. Again,  I'll try and get hold of the pictures.

In the mean time a lot of time is going to a four year course I'm following. I'm learning how to restore old documents and paper based works. I'll probably end up specialising in etchings and engravings of  battle scenes, maps and fortification maps. More on that much later.
A special mention to the fellow gamers at The Wargamorium for having me join their games. 

And ever so slowly things fall into place again. Where are those damned pictures? Maybe on my old desktop? Where is my old desktop?

As ever, 
Happy Gaming


Saturday, 23 April 2016

First things first

My first task will be to clean up the blog, i.e.: remove dead links, update sites I follow, introduce new favourites, etc...In short: do some long due maintenance.

Happy gaming,

What's this...

....a blog?
I've forgotten about this.
No, not really...
I'll have a think about the Chronicles, and then see what will happen.

As ever,
Happy gaming,

Thursday, 14 June 2012

CQMS and a prize

Still tinkering with the blog and a grand prize for my 50th member / follower.

Indeed, I deleted a number of less important links and added a few new ones which have caught my interest. Have a look.

And then there is my 50th member / follower and he wins a prize: lifelong member- and followship to the Nyudrev Chronicles for FREE., gratis, gratuit, and that for as long as he lives or less long than that if that person should outlive me. For reasons of discretion and privacy the 50th follower has been personally contacted by me on his Parum Pugna blog of his title of Honorary Follower of the Followship of the Blog.

Just to keep everybody interested: the 100th follower will also receive a signed picture of my dog (signed by me, not the dog).

Happy gaming

Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to...

Me, I'm not the kind of man seeking fame by inventing warm water....

The main reason for the "how to" section is to share someone else's great idea, and give that person credit. It also helps me find quickly those links when I need them.
Anyway, I've added two links.
First Paul at Paul's Bods has this great technique for making halberds and in extension any kind of flat shape you could need at the end of a pole. I used it to create some finials -if that is the correct word- at the top of some standards. Thank you Paul for sharing that with us.
Next , looking for a durable method of mounting printed paper flags, I came across this wonderful tutorial by Stefan in his Monty's Caravan blog. By the way, while you visit that blog, scroll down and have a look at those excellent painted miniatures. I've also included Monty's Caravan in the inspiration section. Stefan, danke ihnen.

Well, almost finished the updating, next up will be the quartermaster section. Who needs it? I for one don't have any money to spend on such frivolities as toy soldiers, or so she says...

Happy gaming

Friday, 8 June 2012

Favourite places

and those fallen out of favour...

I also deleted some of my ex-favourite places, because they're not my favourites any more.
But please take a few moments to welcome following sites:
-the Cent jours / Mont-Saint-Jean site gives you every uniform worn by all parties in the 1815 hundred days campaign. How spoiled can you get? And all is neatly organised, so you can research by country, or by battle order...and as new information is made available Alexis, the author/artist updates the uniform plates. This is truly a life work to be proud of;
-WW2 uniform painting guides, an older blog page of "This miniature life" by a certain Lord Gumby from Brisbane, Down Under, giving links to all kinds of information on, guess...yes, painting WW2 uniforms. I do believe that blog is now defunct.

And I'm still looking for figure ranges compatible with Warrior Miniature Napoleonics...

As ever, dear reader, don't be afraid to drop a line,  even if to prove to my dear wife that people do read my postings even if there are no pictures of the balsa houses she made.

Happy gaming

Thursday, 7 June 2012

New inspiration

and goodbye old inspiration...

I've started to clean up the Chronicles a bit. In the "Inspiration" section I've deleted some defunct links. And put a few new ones (for me at least) in place.
The Airfix American Civil War Project is a good example of how I would want my civil war project to look. It is completely in line with my other projects.
Parum Pugna, what can I say, sowing the seeds of doubt in my mind. That Mr Pearson is a devil of sorts.
And Vauban and Shandy, a fellow Belgian gamer, in the same line of work as myself...nice and inspirational garden gaming.
Service Ration Distribution is a school example of how a sand table should look like. Respect...
And last, Jeremy Jenkins' Marauder Moments. Those armies will be -even more- huge in a couple of years. But I'd love a game with them right now.

The near future will see more cleaning up as I go along. If you feel left out or if for some reason I unintentionally left you out, drop a line and I'll sort it out.

Happy Gaming