Thursday, 12 May 2016

The past in a nutshell

So, getting back into it. A number of “dead” links have been removed. T thought some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to last couple of eons…

So what -whilst being away from the Chronicles- did I do…wargaming wise.
There certainly were a number of memorable  activities.

What stands out is attending an “Old school “ Waterloo wargame on the 17th of June 2015 at the “Le 1815” hotel,  a mere 100 yards from Wellingtons famous Elm tree location. And  of course, two days later, attending the reenactment on the Waterloo battlefield. I must say there was a rather large crowd attending the 200th get together of the Waterloo veterans. Pictures are AWOL.
The Fridays following that event I took command of Grouchy’s troops in another Waterloo game using Blucher  Napoleonic rules. Again,  can't find the pictures right now, to be continued....

Another game that stuck with me is when I took  command of a cavalry wing in a WSS game and totally trashed the enemy cavalry and then maneuvered into position  to attack the enemy infantry lines in the flank (battle report).

And there was this game that was set during the Crimean war. I took command of the Russian troops and after blocking an Anglo-French all but destroyed the Anglo part of the adversary in a well-coordinated counterattack. The write up of the battle says the dice were responsable for the Russian victory rather then superior generalship. You should take the writings of war correspondends with a pinch of salt.

In the mean time I’m assembling and (still busy) painting a small Dutch-Belgian 100 Days contingent in 28mm, of which the Dutch militia already fought at Waterloo on the 17th of June 2015. Again,  I'll try and get hold of the pictures.

In the mean time a lot of time is going to a four year course I'm following. I'm learning how to restore old documents and paper based works. I'll probably end up specialising in etchings and engravings of  battle scenes, maps and fortification maps. More on that much later.
A special mention to the fellow gamers at The Wargamorium for having me join their games. 

And ever so slowly things fall into place again. Where are those damned pictures? Maybe on my old desktop? Where is my old desktop?

As ever, 
Happy Gaming



  1. Welcome back! You've been away for a long time but not from gaming as we can see in the links you shared with us! Looking forward to all the pictures you made during your absence from Blogger!;-)
    PS: I fixed a flag that was upside down! Thanks for pointing me to that error!


  2. When I get back to Brussels in September, remind me that I have the Le 1815 pictures to share, and there are Sven's too. And Blucher...