Thursday, 14 June 2012

CQMS and a prize

Still tinkering with the blog and a grand prize for my 50th member / follower.

Indeed, I deleted a number of less important links and added a few new ones which have caught my interest. Have a look.

And then there is my 50th member / follower and he wins a prize: lifelong member- and followship to the Nyudrev Chronicles for FREE., gratis, gratuit, and that for as long as he lives or less long than that if that person should outlive me. For reasons of discretion and privacy the 50th follower has been personally contacted by me on his Parum Pugna blog of his title of Honorary Follower of the Followship of the Blog.

Just to keep everybody interested: the 100th follower will also receive a signed picture of my dog (signed by me, not the dog).

Happy gaming


  1. I've been re-reading my old issues of the Classic Wargames Journal and wondered how things were going with your Hybathania ancients campaign/imagination/gaming. I would really like to hear an update.

  2. A signed picture of your dog? Now that really is worth winning...

  3. Alan, Hybathonia has switched places in the projects line as the Wargames Journal stopped. Shortly after other opportunities presented themselves and I went along. Hybathonia will certainly re-emerge if another publication like the Wargames Journal might present itself. A silent goal of the Hybathonia project was gaining experience in writing articles and having those publicized and criticized. The wargames Journal was the perfect medium for that.
    Thanks for asking, very kind of you.

    Keith, never mind, you're already a member...Seriously though. I really like your painting style. Personally I would add few black lines for contrast and a gloss finish, but that's me.


  4. What a nice gift! :-D

    But he has a nice blog ;-)