Friday, 8 June 2012

Favourite places

and those fallen out of favour...

I also deleted some of my ex-favourite places, because they're not my favourites any more.
But please take a few moments to welcome following sites:
-the Cent jours / Mont-Saint-Jean site gives you every uniform worn by all parties in the 1815 hundred days campaign. How spoiled can you get? And all is neatly organised, so you can research by country, or by battle order...and as new information is made available Alexis, the author/artist updates the uniform plates. This is truly a life work to be proud of;
-WW2 uniform painting guides, an older blog page of "This miniature life" by a certain Lord Gumby from Brisbane, Down Under, giving links to all kinds of information on, guess...yes, painting WW2 uniforms. I do believe that blog is now defunct.

And I'm still looking for figure ranges compatible with Warrior Miniature Napoleonics...

As ever, dear reader, don't be afraid to drop a line,  even if to prove to my dear wife that people do read my postings even if there are no pictures of the balsa houses she made.

Happy gaming


  1. No pictures of your wife's balsa houses? You really must post some if she's gone to all that trouble!


  2. Have you checked out Rose 20mm Napoleonics now available from Garrison?


  3. Ian, scroll down...there they are.
    Ross, I vaguely remember reading something to that effect in the third paragraph on page 239 of "A Guide to Wargaming " by Gush and Finch. No, really, thanks for the reminder. It seems the later Rose Miniatures are near to 25mm and on the same page of said book I found that Tradition 25mm "are fitting with Warrior, etc...". Your comment certainly set me on the right track.


  4. Pjotr, on were working on a list of 20mm manufacturers, plastic and metal. I can't give you the direct link because you have to be a member for that section.
    Or I can send you a copy if you want by e-mail. You've got my adress ;-D