Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to...

Me, I'm not the kind of man seeking fame by inventing warm water....

The main reason for the "how to" section is to share someone else's great idea, and give that person credit. It also helps me find quickly those links when I need them.
Anyway, I've added two links.
First Paul at Paul's Bods has this great technique for making halberds and in extension any kind of flat shape you could need at the end of a pole. I used it to create some finials -if that is the correct word- at the top of some standards. Thank you Paul for sharing that with us.
Next , looking for a durable method of mounting printed paper flags, I came across this wonderful tutorial by Stefan in his Monty's Caravan blog. By the way, while you visit that blog, scroll down and have a look at those excellent painted miniatures. I've also included Monty's Caravan in the inspiration section. Stefan, danke ihnen.

Well, almost finished the updating, next up will be the quartermaster section. Who needs it? I for one don't have any money to spend on such frivolities as toy soldiers, or so she says...

Happy gaming


  1. The how to links are a nice addition to your blog! Thanks!

  2. What a good idea,it's nice to see you posting again,your blog is always interesting and inspirational.


  3. I know Paul personally, and he has many other tips and tricks on his blog.
    It's a very nice idea and a very nice section on your blog. Very interesting!