Thursday, 17 June 2010

Books: future and present(s)

Last Sunday was fathers day over here.

And I did get some presents...I got Harry Pearson's delightful "Achtung Schweinehund" -no surprise there- and John Ellis' "Cavalry-The History of Mounted Warfare" which was a surprise. My oldest son picked up this title from Pen & Sword Military Classics in a bookshop in Gent, where he was following a course. Needless to say a went quite emotional after receiving such lovely gifts (not mentioning the cigars, beer, candy, festive breakfast and cards from the kids).

Anyway -this is what I really wanted to share with you- I was browsing the second Ken Trotman Ltd catalogue for 2010 and found following:
Grant and Olley's Wargaming in History 2: The War of Austrian Succession (Dettingen, Fontenoy and Lauffeld) is being edited and should be ready for Christmas...This means it could be ready in time for my birthday...

These are good times for our hobby...
By the way, would the person having made the ten thousand hit please identify himself...proof delivered by screen-shot will be needed to receive a special -surprise- gift.

Happy gaming


  1. Can highly recommend Harry Persons book, it mirrored my childhood but with the humour of a professional writer!

  2. Seconded! I recognised so much in that book :)
    Looking forward to the next Grant/Olley book as well. If I can finish off a couple of projects before the end of the year I may launch in to the SYW in earnest!

  3. Well, I am visitor # 10,376 . . . so the lucky person has already been here.

    Enjoy your reading material, sir.

    -- Jeff

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