Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Nyudrev building society

And now for that terrible secret concerning the first batch of balsa buildings...(see previous post)

I'm loath to really hurts to say that...
they were made by my lovely wife. And to make matters even worse, she's better at it than me. Please enjoy the work of Sabrina Nyudrev - Von Wunderheim.

-Buildings in several states of finish. As you can see, the top lifts of to reveal ruins. The miniatures in the pictures give you an idea of scale.-

-ooh, and hedges and fences and trees...-

In the "how to" section on the left you can find a link to the Leadgardens blog, where all is explained to make these splendid "classic wargaming buildings". As if there is any other way to make wargame buildings, in any scale...
I feel a bit silly now, having tricked the love of my life -after all her hard work- into a goblin green sitting room.
Happy gaming


  1. To tell the truth, green is not a very flattering color when covering a full wall: makes you look like a zombie.

  2. ooh, excellent! I love the windmill and all the drawn on detail on all of the buildings. You have a great homemaker there (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)

  3. Wow! Those are extremely nice buildings your wife made. Enjoy them.

    Best Regards,


  4. Hello Pjotr (Peter :-D)! As you asked to visit your blog, I thought why not ;-). So here I am!

    You've got a very nice blog, and I was more surprised that you live in the town where I work ;-)

    Your wife make nice buildings, and you paint your figures well. I'm not a wargamer myself but I always like to read some reports or just look at the painted figures. I can always use some good ideas!

    Following and added to my bloglist!

    PS: Will you be at CRISIS/Antwerp in November?


  5. Hello Pjotr, it seems that it's only possible to send a personal message when you sign in as a follower. You should be able to send me one now.
    Otherwise I'll wait untill you have signed in as a follower on my blog.


  6. Pjotr - hope things good with you. If you haven't seen it, there's a battle report on my blog which features your artillery company in a high-profile role. Mentioned in dispatches!


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  8. Yeah that's right your wife did a very great job means your house is very good looking like a charming beauty but still i don't know what is Nyudrev building society.